Too many fake promises around integrations?
Can't do anything but depend & wait on the dev team?

You, your customers, your Dev team: A Vicious Cycle?

Your customers ask you for integrations to help them connect with their existing tools. You relay the information to your Dev team for building integrations. But they, in turn, are already preoccupied with other tasks. Are you crushed between your customers and your Dev team?

Customers churn;
Sales energy burn?

Are your customers churning because of the lack of integrations? Are your customers claiming that your competitor SaaS has native integrations? Are you finding your potential deals getting lost? Are you put in a delicate situation?

Retention, upsell
became big hassle?

Without integrations, the breadth and depth of your SaaS cannot be checked by your customers. Without that, it is not possible to try moving them to a bigger plan where integrations live. Smaller plan = Smaller revenue.

Let your Sales team ship native integrations
and earn integrity

Your customers ask;
You deliver

Win more deals, delight your customers by delivering the integrations they require. No IT dependency. All in clicks. Create, publish and manage integrations with klamp Embed’s intuitive integration management tool.

No more ‘churn’;
Earn more customers

With every integration delivered, there is no chance of customers complaining about any lack of it. Super delight your customers by super customizing the integration workflow templates, tailor made for them. Win them for life..

Retain, engage and upsell

With klamp embed by your side, you have made your customers leverage native integrations to the whole next level. They are not spending,relying on any third party integration tool nor waiting for their support to resolve any integration issues. That means, more room for you to upsell. All the best

Revolutionize your SaaS with klamp's embedded iPaaS

  • UI Customization to fit your brand touch.
  • New connectors' request? Deliver in 3 days.
  • Meet SLAs even when it's integration queries.
embedded Integrations
Without Klamp Embed

  • Sales team faces potential deal loss, churn without native integrations. Pressure passes to Product team.
  • Product team struggles as they have already prioritized product features over integrations in roadmap.
  • Engineering team is cramped with dev, bug fix tasks. No time for building integrations.
  • Support team faces backlash for lacking required integrations, causing customer dissatisfaction.
  • SaaS struggles to retain customers, settle internal teams, and compete in the market.
  • With Klamp Embed

  • Sales team promises and ships integrations within 3 days post testing, by themselves.
  • Product team removes 'Integrations' from roadmap. Focuses on core product development.
  • Engineering team codes only for their product. No scratching heads over integrations.
  • Support team delights customers, resolves integration queries within SLAs.
  • SaaS thrives, with satisfied employees, happy customers, giving an edge over the competition.
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