Too many core product development tasks on product roadmap?
Cannot let dev team code from scratch for integrations?

Can’t divert the focus from your product?

Being a SaaS startup, your core focus should be on your own product’s enhancement and bug fixes. You have to keep your customers satisfied with the smooth product experience. You can’t have your development team work on integrations since the focus will be diverted.

APIs, Integrations maintenance. A big challenge?

For a SaaS, integrations development is hard. Integrations maintenance is harder. Keeping a tab on multiple applications’ API version updates, depletion etc., is not easy. You cannot deploy development resources to address the compatibility issues instantly as they may have some core product tasks already.

Reduced User Adoption?

As a Product Manager, one of your key metrics is the user adoption rate. Without native integrations, the potential customers may not adopt your product. The situation worsens when your competitor has the seamless integration capability.

Let your Product team launch native integrations
with zero IT dependency.

Focus Fully on your product. Leave integrations to klamp

Let your development team focus only on your core product enhancement tasks. With klamp Embed, ship every integrations your customers need without any code involved. You can create, publish and manage the integrations all on your own.

APIs, Integrations maintenance. Leave it to Klamp

Once you’re up and running with native integrations powered by Klamp Embed, you’re set free from integrations. Every aspect like APIs version change, API endpoints depletion, integrations maintenance etc., will be handled by klamp and your customers will be notified prior.

Increase user adoption. Scale your SaaS

Crush your user adoption metrics by having your customers adopt your SaaS for its seamless, robust and native integration experience. Scale your SaaS and make it thrive over the competition. Scale integrations = Scale SaaS.

Revolutionize your SaaS with klamp's embedded iPaaS

  • UI Customization to fit your brand touch.
  • New connectors' request? Deliver in 3 days.
  • Meet SLAs even when it's integration queries.
embedded Integrations
Without Klamp Embed

  • Sales team faces potential deal loss, churn without native integrations. Pressure passes to Product team.
  • Product team struggles as they have already prioritized product features over integrations in roadmap.
  • Engineering team is cramped with dev, bug fix tasks. No time for building integrations.
  • Support team faces backlash for lacking required integrations, causing customer dissatisfaction.
  • SaaS struggles to retain customers, settle internal teams, and compete in the market.
  • With Klamp Embed

  • Sales team promises and ships integrations within 3 days post testing, by themselves.
  • Product team removes 'Integrations' from roadmap. Focuses on core product development.
  • Engineering team codes only for their product. No scratching heads over integrations.
  • Support team delights customers, resolves integration queries within SLAs.
  • SaaS thrives, with satisfied employees, happy customers, giving an edge over the competition.
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