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In-Built Tools To Power Up The Integration Capabilities

Use the tools that are already there to make integrations stronger and better. These built-in features make it easy to connect things smoothly.

 Embedding Webhook

Capture data from any application by embedding the klamp's webhook URL. Saves you when an application's API is unavailable and you need to retrieve data from an on-premises database.

Filter Condition
Filter Condition

Filters allow you to acquire only the info you desire. When there is a large amount of data and you only want a specific type, you can use Filter by Conditions to extract it.

time Delayer
Time Delayer

Hold your programmed actions for a predetermined amount of time. Want to follow up with consumers, mail invoices, or post a social network picture at a predetermined time?

Embedded iPaaS Pricing
Customized Trails

Different pathways can be taken for different scenarios. If a consumer purchases A product, send mail #1. If he purchases B, then send mail #2. It is applicable to anything you can think of.


Move The Data From Wherever They Are To Wherever You Want

Move your data from anywhere to any place you choose effortlessly. Transfer information smoothly, no matter where it is, to your preferred destination.


Use klamp's ConnectX, a configurable middleware tool that fills the gap and guarantees smooth integration data flow between apps, to exchange data at scale.

Migrate Data

Want a secured file transfer application? You can achieve it by adopting klamp's SFTP. Migrate data chunks from one coast to another with robust security.

Data Migration
Data Migration

Effortlessly transfer data between clouds or from on-premises to the cloud with a single click. Export from the source using SQL and seamlessly upload as .CSV or .XLS files to your preferred platform.


Make Smarter Decisions With In-Depth Analytics

Enhance decision-making with detailed analytics for better insights. Gain a deeper understanding to make smarter choices.

API calls
API Insights

Keep track of important metrics, such as the number of API calls performed on a monthly or quarterly basis for the number of workflows.

API Performance
API Health

Keep track of API performance and identify bottlenecks. Has the API been updated recently? Address any issues before customers notice.

Apps Integration
App Consumption

Keep track of the apps that are consumed and which app tops the list. Plan your workflows according to the consumption and have a 360° view of the dat at one place.

iPaaS tasks
Task Usage

It's important to have a clear understanding of the overall usage and plan additional workflows. A task could either be successful or failed. Detailed logs can help resolve issues quickly.


Modify Your iPaaS To Fit Your Needs

Tailor your iPaaS to suit your requirements easily. Make adjustments to match your preferences and optimize functionality.

Tailor made iPaaS
Layout Customization

Adapt the integration platform to your brand's design criteria. For the optimal user experience, make it local to your product environment.

Workflow Customisation

Custom WorkFlows

Deploy customized workflows at easy just to handle the needs of your consumers. Make integrations that are targeted to their specific needs.

iFrame iPaaS

Using an iFrame approach, integrate the iPaaS into your product ecosystem. It's the same as inserting a code snippet from the chat widget into your website. Done in a matter of seconds.

Embed SaaS
Custom URL

You may also incorporate your integration platform into your product by providing it with a unique URL. You get to choose how the URL will look. Yourproduct.com/marketplace, for example.

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