Embed ready-to-use Integrations in your SaaS, instantly.

100% native experience to your end users. 0% Engineering time. Make your users happy, and let engineering team focus on your product alone.

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klamp is a leader in Embedded Integration Platforms on G2

Your products integrations
Before & After

Turn your integration
pain into a gain

No more fake promises on integrations. Your customers ask, you deliver. Integration
platform, engineered for Product and Sales teams. *Not for engineering team.

Easy Embedding

Embed ready-to-use integrations inside your SaaS in two easy ways - iFrame, and Custom URL. All you need to do is to decide and wait for the magic to happen.

Embedded iPaaS

No IT Dependency

klamp Embed is designed for Sales and Product teams. No coding is required to ship any integrations. Delight every customer with integration needs, with what they want and win more deals. All in clicks, not in codes.

No IT dependency

Workflow Customization

Create and customize the workflows according to the use-cases of your customers. It's your recipe with their ingredients. Let them devour at their own convenience.

Embedded Integration Platform

Complete Native Experience

Let your customers experience complete nativity while they navigate your integrations page. With Klamp Embed, enable customizable, UI friendly, seamless integrations experience to your customers.

SaaS Integration

Analytics & Reports

Apps consumed, user level consumption, overall task usage, API health & insights - Stay on top of every metric that helps you understand and analyze the integrations' usage in your SaaS.

Analytics & Reports

Revolutionize your SaaS with klamp's embedded iPaaS

  • UI Customization to fit your brand touch.
  • New connectors' request? Deliver in 3 days.
  • Meet SLAs even when it's integration queries.
embedded Integrations
Without Klamp Embed

  • Sales team faces potential deal loss, churn without native integrations. Pressure passes to Product team.
  • Product team struggles as they have already prioritized product features over integrations in roadmap.
  • Engineering team is cramped with dev, bug fix tasks. No time for building integrations.
  • Support team faces backlash for lacking required integrations, causing customer dissatisfaction.
  • SaaS struggles to retain customers, settle internal teams, and compete in the market.
With Klamp Embed

  • Sales team promises and ships integrations within 3 days post testing, by themselves.
  • Product team removes 'Integrations' from roadmap. Focuses on core product development.
  • Engineering team codes only for their product. No scratching heads over integrations.
  • Support team delights customers, resolves integration queries within SLAs.
  • SaaS thrives, with satisfied employees, happy customers, giving an edge over the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Embedded iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) seamlessly integrates various software applications and systems. By embedding iPaaS, you enhance connectivity for users, streamlining workflows, automating processes, and boosting efficiency. This differentiation adds value to your product, keeping you competitive in the market.

Security is crucial for Embedded iPaaS like Klamp.io. We use strong encryption, access controls, and regular audits to protect data during transmission and storage. Our platform meets industry standards for data privacy, keeping your information and your customers' safe.

Klamp.io's Embedded iPaaS is flexible and customizable to fit your platform and users' needs. Customize integration workflows, data mappings, and user interfaces to match your brand and enhance user experience. This ensures a seamless integration that adds value to your platform.

Embedding iPaaS may take time based on your platform's complexity and integration needs. Klamp.io provides full support and resources for smooth implementation. Our team guides you from setup to ongoing maintenance, ensuring seamless integration for you and your users.

Embedded iPaaS offers limitless integration options, connecting your platform with various third-party apps and services. Use cases include CRM, e-commerce, marketing automation, and data sync. Whether improving processes, enhancing customer experience, or boosting revenue, Embedded iPaaS adapts to your business needs.