Triggers when a new record is added in a form. Form can be specified.

Helps add a record in a form. Form can be specified.

Helps create attendance entry

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Automate Zoho People integrations in a flash
with Klamp's templates.

  • Slack Integrations
    Get notifications in slack channel if there is a new candidate added in Zoho People

    Slack + Zoho People

  • zoho_people.png
    Pass on the candidate’s data from Zoho People to Razorpay

    Zoho People + Razorpay

  • freshservice.png
    Create tickets in Freshservice whenever there is an obligation raised by candidate in Zoho People

    Freshservice + Zoho People

  • zoho_people.png
    Dump the candidates’ data from any other recruiting platform to Zoho People

    Zoho People

  • google_sheets.png
    Add rows in Google Sheets Spreadsheet when there is a new candidate application in Zoho People

    Google Sheet + Zoho People