Triggers when a user is created

Triggers when a ticket is added to the system newly

Triggers when a group is created

Triggers when an action on ticket is made

Helps create new organization

Helps create new ticket

Helps add comment to a ticket (Ticket can be specified)

Helps add tags to a ticket (Ticket can be specified)

Helps update a ticket

Helps create a new user

Look for a group

Look for an organization

Look for a ticket

Look for a user

Automate Zendesk integrations in a flash
with Klamp's templates.

Create tickets in Zendesk from email conversations, social media mentions, or chatbot interactions, sync customer data between Zendesk and your CRM for a unified view of customer interactions, and trigger automated notifications in Slack or Microsoft Teams when a high-priority ticket is created.

  • Slack Integrations
    zendesk .png
    Get notifications in Slack for the tickets created in Zendesk

    Slack + Zendesk

  • Trello.png
    zendesk .png
    Automatically create tasks in Trello whenever there is a particular field update in Zendesk

    Trello + Zendesk

  • zendesk .png
    Create new tickets in Zendesk when invoices are not paid in Stripe

    Zendesk + Stripe

  • Xero.png
    zendesk .png
    Create invoices in Xero for customers with a particular ticket type in Zendesk

    Xero + Zendesk

  • leadsquared.png
    zendesk .png
    Automatically gather the selected LeadSquared contacts into Zendesk to send a bulk mail

    LeadSquared + Zendesk

Supported Zendesk Integrations

Automate Zendesk Integrations with klamp's ready-to-use templates