Triggers when a subscriber is added to a mailing list

Triggers when a subscriber has unsubscribed

Helps create a new subscriber in a mailing list (List can be specified)

Helps unsubscribe a contact from a list (List can be specified)

Automate Moosend integrations in a flash
with Klamp's templates.

  • salesforce.png
    Moosend logo.png
    When the contact gets removed from Salesforce, remove the subscriber from a group in Moosend

    Salesforce + Moosend

  • Moosend logo.png
    Create subscriber in Moosend when a lead form gets filled in the website

    Moosend + Webhook

  • Moosend logo.png
    Pipedrive without text.png
    When a subscriber unsubscriber in Moosend, update a contact in Pipedrive

    Moosend + Pipedrive

  • Moosend logo.png
    When a subscriber is added in Moosend, create a contact in Zoho CRM

    Moosend + Zoho CRM