Support trigger and actions

what does this means?

Triggers when a new campaign is created (Use webhook of klamp to make this function)

Triggers when a new audience is created

Triggers when a new subscriber is added

Triggers when an unsubscriber is added

Triggers when a subscriber is added to a segment or a tag (Segment or tag can be specified)

Triggers when subscriber is added newly or updated (Use webhook of klamp to make this function)

Helps create a new campaign

Helps add or update a subscriber

Helps remove subscriber from a tag

Helps send campaign

Helps add note to a subscriber (Subscriber can be mentioned)

Helps add subscriber to a tag (Tag can be specified)

Look for campaign inMailchimp account

Look for Customer in Mailchimp account

Look for subscriber in Mailchimp account

Automate Mailchimp integrations in a flash
with Klamp's templates.

  • mailchimp without text.png
    Add lead to a mailchimp marketing list when the website contact form is submitted

    Mailchimp + Webhook

  • salesforce.png
    mailchimp without text.png
    Create a contact in Salesforce when the lead replies to the mail sent from Mailchimp

    Salesforce + Mailchimp

  • mailchimp without text.png
    Create marketing list in Mailchimp when the contacts are imported from HubSpot into Mailchimp

    Mailchimp + Hubspot

  • Pipedrive without text.png
    mailchimp without text.png
    Add contacts in Pipedrive for the contacts in the subscribed list inside Mailchimp

    Pipedrive + Mailchimp

  • Facebook Integration
    mailchimp without text.png
    Automatically subscribe new Facebook Ad leads to a marketing list in your mailchimp account

    Facebook + Mailchimp