Triggers when a project is created

Triggers when an employee is created

Triggers when a task is created

Triggers when a team is created

Helps create task

Helps create project

Helps create team

Helps create employee

Helps update task

Helps update project

Helps update team

Automate Insightful integrations in a flash
with Klamp's templates.

rack time spent on projects or tasks in your project management tool, monitor team productivity and performance, and generate reports for payroll or billing purposes.

  • Insightful.png
    When a project is created in Insightful, create a task list in Jira

    Insightful + Jira

  • Insightful.png
    microsoft_ teams.png
    When an employee is created in Insightful, add a user in MS Teams

    Insightful + MS Teams

  • Insightful.png
    When a task is created in Insightful create a ticket in Zoho Desk

    Insightful + Zoho Desk

  • Todoist.png
    Update task in Insightful when a task is moved in ToDoList

    ToDoList + Insightful

Supported Insightful Integrations

Automate Insightful Integrations with klamp's ready-to-use templates