Support trigger and actions

Triggers when a customer is created

Triggers when an invoice is created

Triggers when a payment is made

Triggers when a payment method is created

Triggers when a subscription is created

Triggers when a subscription becomes active

Triggers when a subscription is canceled

Triggers when a subscription gets reactivated

Helps create Customer

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Automate Chargebee integrations in a flash
with Klamp's templates.

  • chargebee New.png
    When subscription gets cancelled in Chargebee, update the contact in HubSpot

    Chargebee + Hubspot

  • chargebee New.png
    When an invoice is created in Chargebee, create a project in Asana

    Chargebee + Asana

  • chargebee New.png
    When a subscription gets created in Chargebee, add opportunity in Salesforce

    Chargebee + Salesforce

  • Xero.png
    chargebee New.png
    Update customer in Chargebee, if the payment is overdue in Xero

    Xero + Chargebee

  • Razorpay.png
    chargebee New.png
    Record payment in Chargebee when payment is received in Razorpay

    Razorpay + Chargebee