Helps create contact

Helps create item

Helps create estimate

Helps send estimate

Helps create invoice

Helps send invoice

Automate Alegra integrations in a flash
with Klamp's templates.

Sync customer and invoice data with your CRM, automate invoice creation and sending, and track payment status in your accounting software.

  • stripe.png
    Create contact in Alegra when a subscription is created in Stripe

    Stripe + Alegra

  • hubspot.png
    Create estimate in Alegra when a lead stage is moved in HubSpot

    Hubspot + Alegra

  • chargebee New.png
    Create invoice in Alegra when a payment is recorded in Chargebee

    Chargebee + Alegra

Supported Alegra Integrations

Automate Alegra Integrations with klamp's ready-to-use templates