Triggers when a contact is created

Helps create a company

Helps update a contact

Helps add a tag to a contact

Helps create a contact

Helps create a deal

Helps create a task

Automate Agile CRM integrations in a flash
with Klamp's templates.

  • webhook.png
    Agile crm without text.png
    Capture data from website contact form and put it in Agile CRM as a lead

    Webhook + Agile CRM

  • salesforce.png
    Agile crm without text.png
    Add new contacts from Salesforce to Agile CRM's email marketing list

    Salesforce + Agile CRM

  • Upwave.png
    Agile crm without text.png
    Create invoice in Wave for the customer updated in Agile CRM

    Wave + Agile CRM

  • Agile crm without text.png
    mailchimp without text.png
    Add contacts from Agile CRM to Maichimp marketing list based on the subscription activity

    Agile CRM + Mailchimp

  • Facebook Integration
    Agile crm without text.png
    Automatically subscribe new Facebook Ad leads and add them as leads in Agile CRM

    Facebook + Agile CRM